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Fingerspot is brand of fingerprint sensor products that have been experienced in the field of fingerprint solutions since 2002. Brand Fingerspot legality under PT. Biometrik Citra Solusi with the official website: http: / / www.fingerspot.com

Name of company PT. Biometrik Citra Solusi of our commitment to the development of biometric technology, especially fingerprint recognition system ( fingerprint recognition system) to prioritize the best solutions for various business sectors and disciplines in Indonesia.

Authorized Partner Fingerspot is officially certified by USA Digital Persona, which is the market leader in the field of fingerprint recognition technology, where technology and the reliability of fingerprint sensors are recognized around the world.


In maintaining consistency and achievement in the field of fingerprint solutions, Fingerspot has a strong vision for a technology solution provider with the best prints in the region which could provide the perfect solution for developers and businesses so that they can socialize fingerprint recognition technology into a solutions are cheap, productive, and efficient.
To achieve and maintain that vision consistently Fingerspot trying to run a few main missions:

* Maintain consistency in quality, service, and solutions at the forefront and up to date

* Maintain product variants so that is always up to date in perkembangannnya and create new innovations in product quality improvement.

* Always maintain a good relationship, healthy and quality with the parties who are competent in the technological development of fingerprints.


In the process and development of the company in running the above missions, has Fingerspot Research & Development team that consistently working to always produce new innovations for fingerprint solutions provided to customers is a leading solutions and up to date.

Based with the main vision Fingerspot then in 2006, Fingerspot made a breakthrough with product launches Ultimate SDK ( Software Development Kit) and Ultimate Pro SDK is fully supported by Digital Persona USA.

Presence of products SDK Fingerspot Ultimate and Ultimate Pro SDK provides fresh air for the developers and the Enterprise business in Indonesia which can provide the right solution, cheap and productive in the development of fingerprint recognition technology in various business areas and disciplines that have been constrained with the high cost and lack of technical support.


Because of the commitment, contribution and dedication to the field Fingerspot fingerprint technology in Indonesia, then in 2007 and 2008, Fingerspot get an award from Digital Persona, USA as THE BEST GROWTH IN ASIA.


Fingerspot products consisting of hardware and software applications have built a formal and legal products and get full support from the manufacturer to complete spare parts ( spare part) that can Fingerspot guarantee product quality and a solid warranty to resellers and customers spread over several cities in Indonesia.
As a guarantee authenticity Fingerspot products, every product is always accompanied by Fingerspot holographic seal affixed to the product unit and the warranty card that accompanies each product and may be registered in the website Fingerspot ( http: / / www.fingerspot.com) .


As our commitment to meet and serve the needs of consumers and resellers of information products and after sales service, providing the official website Fingerspot http: / / www.fingerspot.com


Nur Hasan

Phone: 08187838270952
YM ID: hasan.fingerspot
Email: hasan@ fingerspot.com

Showroom Office:
Jl. Kedungmundu No. 11B Semarang
Phone: 024-8455978, 8456851
Fax : 024-8456851
Email : semarang@ fingerspot.com

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